permanent jewelry

Jewelry for a lifetime, without the hassle of putting it on and taking it off!

Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry, also known as fine jewelry or real jewelry, is made of precious metals and gemstones and designed to be worn for a lifetime. Unlike fashion or costume jewelry, which is often made with cheaper materials and intended for short-term use, permanent jewelry is meant to be a long-term investment in both style and quality.

permanent jewelry at hush aesthetics

14K Gold Filled Chain: 14K Gold Filled chain priced at $9/inch. Prices vary.
Chain Repair: Welding of chain with or without connector.
Sterling Silver Gem Connector: Sterling silver gem connector
Sterling Silver Waistlet: Waistlet measured and welded on within body specifications.
Sterling Silver Chain: Sterling silver bracelet at $8 per inch. Prices vary
14K Gold Filled Connector: 14K Gold Filled Gem Connector
14K Gold Waistlet: 14K Gold Waislet measured and welded to body specifications.

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