v-shape botox/filler

Attend the perfect V- Shaped to your face with botox and filler place accordingly.

V-Shape Botox/Filler


V-shape face Botox injection, also known as masseter Botox, is an injectable treatment used to slim your face shape and even manage facial pain. When Botox is injected into your masseter muscles, found near your cheekbones, it causes the muscles to relax and create a slim, V-shaped appearance.

If you’re dissatisfied with the contours of your face, finding them to be too bulky, imbalanced or square, the V-shape Botox injection may be ideal for you.

It offers facial augmentation and enhancement without the use of surgery or other complicated procedures with higher risk and longer recovery.

It also benefits patients who grind their teeth or experience jaw pain, clenching, and tension. Plus, it’s safe, effective, and quick!

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