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Welcome to Hush Aesthetics

Enhance your natural beauty with professional beauty tips, tricks, and best practices. We put together some of the best trends & advice for women. We pride ourselves on being very detailed & thorough with every service we offer. Leave feeling comfortable, confident & liberated after your visit.

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We want every client to wake up in the morning with a clean, fresh face, and love what they see in the mirror.


Let us help you create beautiful, healthy, long-lasting results while catering to each individual client’s needs.


You will feel like you just stepped out of the salon every morning. Save time by booking an appointment with us!


All hair removal products are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients that are free of fragrance & artificial coloring.


Before Laser Hair Removal, schedule a consultation with the doctor to determine if this is an appropriate treatment option for you.


Your eyes & eyebrows are the most prominent and noticeable features on your face. Enjoy a younger look and an instant eye lift.

Rayanna Nichole

Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Rayanna Nichole has 15 years of experience in the skin and beauty industry staying abreast of the latest trends and continuing education for the best results for each client. Adept in many types of treatments for both men and women.

Including but not limited to sugaring & waxing, creating healthy glowing skin with personal facials for individual needs, Peels, Microderm Procedures, Derma Planing, Micro-Needling & Blading.Rayanna enjoys helping clients resolve skin issues with personalized treatments, teaching healthy cleansing routines, and preserving your natural beauty.

You Deserve Better.

start looking and feeling your best, today.

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